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Teguh Parisian Flinga

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Teguh Parisian Flinga

Once upon a warm day there years ago, we heard that our friend Teguh, the painter had come to stay for the summer Invited by gallery owner. Damien Boquet and with be use of an apartement in the farmed student quarter of paris. Teguh had carter blanche as what he would paint in paris. Not as a tourist under taking pilgrimages to the Eistel tower, no, not that, but asa a Parisian inspired by the city, its multitude of inhabitants varied experiences.

Eyes and brother sense aler, Teguh drank in the atmosphere of this magic city. Ostenrik worked swiftly by means of collages. The beuty of parts turned him on. Paris is feminism ! and life is a collage. Not disposing of the means to understand the French language fluently. The translated the unknown sounds into vivid colors. Blue, red, turquoise, bright yellow and green that he splashed onto the canvas with great vigot. Visually everything appeared fresh to him. Impression of the followed in quick succession, lightened by the joy of being there. Candor and sincerity were the keynotes.

Once we come to dinner prepared by Teguh and his collages drying in the impromptu studio. Real Indonesian food and Patisian images in paris a “melange” of nostalgia and the unknown. Solo in Paris, looking blinded me to its charms. Later Teguh told me the reason be had invited us both to dine at home. In Paris people nearly always meet outside, in café or restaurant. He was searching for a more personal approach in this sophisticated metropolis. Depite hits fears this painters work only comes across as un mintakably his never impersonal or removed from the public of existence.

Teguh encounter with the 86 year old painter Salim who had studied under Ameslee Ozeenfant in the legendary Paris of the thirties was artiveting experience. Indonesia Painter of different generation, they immediately warmed to each other in Salim sixth floor flat, high above the roots of Nevilly. They talked for hours about painting and the discipline artist should show while expressing themselves. Both Experiments and continue to explore new venues, colors and style in foreign cities, far their homeland A synthesis of expression and cultural backgrounds.

The Painter never bought the magazine or newspaper that were used in his collage, he found the in dustbins in the metro or in his new neighborhood. He words that he did not always understand to  create something new and unezpected, playing with words and diverse image. An element of the unexpected the impromptu, led to a direct and intense approach. A celebration of life, joie de vivre and expression of art suffused by a great cause of humor. In retrospective, one could say that these months were an essential part of Teguh Ostentik’s development as an artist, a blessed period of inspiration.

The undhindered articulation of feelings and emoticons in the city of artist. More important we are not exclude. Through his generosity we can share his rich experience and enjoy counselves as ell beside understanding something new, and perhaps unexpected.

Kunang Helmi Picard, dans Paris, June 1995



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