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Guerrilla Advertising: Unconventional Brand Communications

Gavin Lucas and Michael Dorrian

The advertising industry is in a state of flux. In an age where we can choose what media we consume, the traditional channels of TV, press and poster are no longer always the most appropriate for a brand to reach its target audience. As a result, global brands are opting to implement ever more inventive and original schemes to get their products talked about. Microsoft covered Manhattan in butterfly stickers, Volkswagen made a Polo out of ice and parked it on a London street, and Adidas suspended two footballers high above the streets of Tokyo for a death-defying kickabout. This book shows the best international examples of the varied and inventive tactics that are being used today by big-name brands, non-profit organizations and individuals to promote themselves, their ideas and their products. More than 70 international campaigns are featured grouped according to their approach: Stunts, Street Propaganda, Sneaky Tactics, Site-specific campaigns and Multi-fronted attacks.
Gavin Lucas is Staff Writer at the leading monthly communication arts journal Creative Review. Michael Dorrian has been a designer since the 1990s. He has co-edited and designed numerous books, including the highly successful Business Cards (Laurence King).

300 illustrations
192 pages
300 x 230 mm
ISBN 978 1 85669 470 4
Published July 2006

1. Street Propaganda
2. Site-Specific Media
3. Sneaky Manoeuvres
4. Stunts
5. Multi-Fronted Attack

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