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Holy crap! 915 bhp SR20DE!

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== from a mailing list, i found this..

Just bought the Swedish magazine Bilsport, usually boring but this time they had an interesting car featured!

Nissan Cherry Turbo “Wok Edition”

SR20DE engine from Nissan Primera GT:

*JE pistons
*Saenz rods
*Stock crank
*Stock valves
*Custom cams
*Springs and retainers from Kelford Cams
*Custom intake with 75mm TB
*Iveco truck IC
*3.5″ exhaust
*Custom tubular manifold
*Garrett GT42R turbo
*Dual Bosch -044 pumps
*Bosch 1600cc injectors
*Autronic SMC standalone

Result: 915hp/883Nm at 2.9 bar.

Tranny? Volvo 850 5-speed gearbox and axles. Volvo brakes as well.

Best ET: 10.18 and 236 km/h at the first try, more after the winter.

Modified by Swedish Mike at 8:54 AM 12/22/2006


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