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Artist in Residence Program

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Administrated by Kyoto Art Center “ Artist-in-Residence” is a program to support artists and art researchers who wish to work in Kyoto. The program provides a three-month accommodation and a studio to work in. Twenty six groups of artists have joined this program since 2000, the year Kyoto Art Center established. They have developed a communication with the people of Kyoto and have created works here in Kyoto.

Kyoto Art Center wishes to spread knowledge of the program in order to provide a wider range of people, artists with the opportunity to communicate and create work in Kyoto.

The application form can be downloaded from URL
Formulir juga dapat diperoleh di kantor JF, Jakarta.
Summitmas I lt. 3
Jl. Jend. Sudirman kav.61-62
Jakarta Selatan


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