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Architectural Origami

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Page One Publishing
ISBN 978-981-245-669-4
110 pages
279 mm x 225 mm
Publish date: Nov 2008
Subject: Hobbies & Crafts

Rp 186.000,-

Book Description
Combining the Japanese arts of origami (folding paper) and kirigami (cutting paper) to create miniature masterpieces replicating the world’s great architecture.

With just a little skill in cutting and folding, you can make perfect miniature paper replicas of great architecture—small enough to fit into an envelope as a greetings card, beautiful enough to put on display. Architectural Origami offers easy-to-use templates for 20 structures, from the Taj Mahal to the Rialto Bridge, all demonstrated by leading architectural origami artists. There are basic principles to start you off and advanced guidance on designing buildings of your own, plus detailed architectural narratives and graphics describing the original buildings.

A craft knife, a pencil, a ruler, and a cutting board are all you need to undertake this intriguing craft.  You’ll find it as absorbing as drawing and as reflective as origami. When you’ve absorbed all the basic principles and tried your hand at all the buildings in the book, you’ll find that you’ve learned enough to start you off on designing origami architecture of your own.

Projects include
1. Golden Gate Bridge
2. Pyramids of Giza
3. London Eye
4. Chichen Itza
5. Seagram Building
6. Eiffel Tower
7. Parthenon
8. The colosseum
9. Golden Pavilion
10. Sydney Opera House
11. White House
12. Taj Mahal
13. Tower Bridge
14. Taos Pueblo
15. US Capitol
16. Rialto Bridge
17. Empire State Building
18. St Peters Basilica
19. Sagrada Familia
20. Hagia Sophia

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