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The Speaker: M. Gunawan Alif a short profile

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M. Gunawan Alif Education PhD, (best in class) Marketing Management, Graduate School of Management, University of Indonesia, 2006.

Area of Expertise M. Gunawan Alif general area of expertise lies in marketing, marketing communications, and media. He is former President Director of PT Duta Cakrawala Komunika, a consultancy firm for media and marketing communications. He was former editor-in-chief of CAKRAM, the first and the most sought after marketing communications magazine in Indonesia. Before developed PT Duta Cakrawala, he was Head of Team Operational III in Matari Advertising, the top five ad agencies in Indonesia. Actively involved in the industry, he has worked on a host of different types of marketing communications projects and media consulting activities with other top media His professional activities also include corporate trainer for some prestigious companies in Indonesia and lecturing of brand management and integrated marketing communications at the Graduate School of Management University of Indonesia, MMUI, Binus Business School. He is also a resource person for media, advertising, public relations, in marketing matters for some print media, radio and television stations, and also as a speaker about those topics in seminars and workshops. He is a country representative for Clio Awards, a global creative festival. He is an active participant in several seminars in advertising, media and marketing in this region, including as a session chair at annual FEUI Graduate School of Marketing Conference (2007), speaker at Asia-Pacific iMedia Agency Summit in Bali (2008), and invited research presenter at International Corporate Responsibility Conference (organized by Carnegie Mellon University) in Doha, Qatar (2008).

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